Directors Lounge 2008 • Berlin, february 7-17

Tuesday, February 12

Impressions III


Artistic director of Castle Plueschow, Udo Rathke

Woody on stage

Woody and Judy

Joachim, long time regular on DL and director of photography

Trixie G., André Werner and the enchanting Ms. Cosima Reif from Vienna

Heroes at dawn
Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Audio supervisor Andreas aka DJ Parry Hotter

Guardian Angels of the bar, Thomas Grandola & Ania

Queen of the Team Judy Schlesinger in talk with technical supervisor Jobst Buerkle

Presenting Nadya Cazan: Actress and Fairy

Nadya Cazan in talk with Holger Ernst

Daniela Hendel and Martin van den Oever during Q&A

The Laptop Orchestra Berlin

The Laptop Orchestra Berlin

The Laptop Orchestra Berlin

Fabiana Roscioli, NEM (Nadya Cazan), André Werner

Klaus W. Eisenlohr introducing Live From Second Life

The upper part of the screening room